Fendi in capsule

Love2Lux.com is starting new series, dedicated to luxury brands. Today F for Fendi, this is the short review of facts every fashion addicted should know and be aware of. The great stories stay after famous brands. Let’s start the Fendi chapter. FENDI HISTORY AND IN CAPSTULE. 1918 in Rome – beginning of Fendi, Adele Casagrande

Fendi Peekaboo

Fendi Peekaboo bag is lately one of the most iconic Fendi bags. What is so special about Peekaboo? This bag has a special claps, though it is trendy to live it unlock. This nonchalance intrigues and makes us to see the interior of the capacious bag. Keep your Fendi with you! The idea is great,

F for Fendi

This collection certainly turns out to be a sensation. This session made by Karl Lagerfeld already is. Original idea, a performance worthy of a champion. From now on a combination of black and yellow is a symbol of luxury and quality from the top shelf. See whole Fendi campaign, straight from Saint Tropez. Photos: fendi.com