Series 3 Louis Vuitton exhibition

Series 3 is a new exhibition of Louis Vuitton style and inspiration for coming season. It is true, still it is not enough said. It is a journey, a travel with Louis Vuitton luggage, heritage, knowledge and fashion instinct. This is an outstanding experience betraying secrets of production Petite Malle, new iconic bag by Louis

The logo to wear on

Thinking about luxury brands took us to the point of consider which brand clients love to wear for show. Is not always fancy to parade with a logo on you chest unless you have on you: Kenzo blouse with tiger, we love the new longest version that can become your dress or tunic. Iconic Moschino

Feel love with red luxury

Feeling inspired by love and luxury, see selection of the best gifts for Your Valentines. All in red, all so lovely and full of emotion. KISS ME! PANDORA from Charlotte Olympia. This glamorous clutch box features a pair of red lips on a striking black background with Swarovski crystal beauty spot. CHANEL ROUGE ALLURE – Luminous Intense Lip

Louis Vuitton is going to Venice

New creative director of Louis Vuitton and new campaign: „L’Invitation au Voyage – Venice” in front of us. Everything is changing. After first episode in mystical and mysterious Louvre, Arisona Muse is going to Venice in her white and red balloon and Louis Vuitton luggage. Venice ball Here in Venice she is looking like an Italian

Michelle Williams with Louis Vuitton bag

Louis Vuitton campaign’s face choices represent top actress league. Previously we have seen Scarlett Johanson, Uma Thurman and Angelina Jolie with Louis Vuitton bags and other accessories. Today red lips and dark eye-brow Michelle, shotted by great Peter Lindbergh, is looking at us mysteriously with the W bag in her hand. Michelle known for her