Samsung GALAXY S4 Gold

Gold is tempting us, this time on the newest smartphone – the Samsung Galaxy S4, prepared specifically for residents of the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar. Counries where, every item of daily use must have its golden counterpart, exclusive cars plated with gold, and gadgets such as electric equipment , attract the eye even

Peace and Love from Moschino to Samsung GALAXY Note 3

Having a modern mobile phone is a base for fashion lovers and connoisseurs of style. But even the most advanced technology needs a good, stylish luminaires. Samsung reached into the world of fashion – the anniversary of the cult brand Moschino contribute to creating distinctive accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Exclusive and unique, colorful and provocative,

Unpacked Samsung Galaxy S4

So many positive rates about new Samsung Galaxy S4 mean this model will be fighting for the position of the best smartphone in 2013.  14th of March was a date of Galaxy 4s premier held in New York city. According to JK Shin, CEO, IT and Mobile Communications Department Director new Samsung is the phone that can change