Anja Rubik and YSL perfumes

One of the best top models from Poland becomes the new face of two iconic YSL perfume. One of them is Parisienne, Anja replaced Kate Moss as a face of this ultra femininity fragrance. The second one is Paris, the fragrance you can not pass indifferently. The note of PARISIENNE A grand floral with a woody structure:  the

YSL Manifesto Test

After YSL Parisienne and YSL Paris, YSL Manifetso joined to fragrances that no one will pass uninterested. Perfume signed with the famous YSL logo is incredibly tempting. Manifesto fragrance is full of contrasts and infinitely intriguing. We have firsthand news. YSL Manifesto is a decided composition of jasmine, lily and red currant notes, top up

Waiting for Manifesto YSL

The new YSL fragrance will be available in Poland, already in March. If Manifesto is as same sensational as the Le Teint Eclat Touche and previous fragrances of YSL editorial will be walking on air. YSL brand announces Manifesto as a bold manifesto of femininity and communicate the motto “BEING COURAGE IS ART”. The