Asti – the attribute of femininity

Diamonds are the best girls friend and her bag … as well. Polish designer Sabrina Pilewicz knows it perfectly and surprises us with a new model bag with a mysterious name – Asti.

– Once again, I decided to give a name to a bag after one of the Italian cities. Asti is a town nestled in the Piedmont mountains. The Piazza Alfieri is a heart of the city– where main streets forms a triangle. Modello Asti perfectly fits into this shape, inspired by the form of a diamond – explains designer. This model you can hold in your hand or use an attached chain. A satin inside of diamond purse fits main accessories of every woman. Asti is the announcement of the newest collection dolce far niente. –Ease with a touch of spice, a moment of pleasure in a luxurious edition, small sins in an elegant package. This how I feel the atmosphere of this collection, and Asti model will be its diamond – says Sabrina. Architectural design, manufacturing precision and top quality leather are strengths of Sabrina Pilewicz bags collection. Asti is a luxury talisman in woman’s hands, adding confidence and incredible power to attract glances.

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