Best of Parish Fashion Week 2017

This coat, dress or rather masterpiece totally melt our hearth and there is no Love just 2Lux πŸ™‚

Seriously this is genius and made by talented person and it is sadly not John Galliano, though he is now main designer at Maison Margiela.

There are my 5 great bullets for winter Parish Fashion Week 2017.

1. Maison Margiela with best design – all-white coat with the image of a women face made from black chiffon. Oh sorry, it is not a coat, it is a piece of art.

2. Best scenography – dreamy garden with fairytale collection on Dior show. It took 3 weeks to build it but You can see it HERE in 55 sec as well.

3. Vetements retrospection of ’90 street style – chic Lady in brown fur coat, Afroamerican – looking like bodyguard in this black outfit, red-hair punk in green leather clothing, fair suit Yuppie probably coming back from a wedding.

4. Almost unreal Digital Glitch dress designed by Iris van Herpen. Made from a fine black silk than and expandable white lasercut mylar fabric.

5. Never disappointing Chanel with the army of elegant models in perfectly tailored dresses and suits.

Best of Paris Fashion Week
Best of Paris Fashion Week ss2017