Burberry Makers House

In central of London, just few steps away from Tottenham Court Road station Christopher Bailey (Chief Creative of Burberry) and his team created magic space in old library. In front of it breathtaking garden full of ancient style sculptures located between trees and flowers. Welcoming flavour of coffee and handmade cakes from Thomas’s Cafe invites us to see what is going inside.

Wall with scissors in different sizes, then the precision workshop where saddler where working an showing his products. Next to it room with jewellery and silversmith designs made by designers cooperating with Burberry. This is just a begging of inspiration journey through Burberry new collection origins. “Our exciting collaboration with The New Craftsmen nods to both the design heritage that is so integral to Burberry and to some of Britain’s most exciting creators and their work” – said Christopher Bailey

Just before getting to hall with inspiration walls or fashion boards, we’ve passed the ditchley bed and stairs installation. The other part of main hall where busy by other artists such as painter Holly Frean, paint and lacquer expert Pedro da Costa Felgueiras and sculptor Thomas Merrett. Throughout the week most of workshop presentation was changing, different craftsman were showing there work. Visitors for example could get a poster with handwriting made by professional calligrapher or buy exclusive key rings made by King’s Troop.

On the second level guests of Makers House were invited to see whole new collection inspired by Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando and Nancy Lancaster’s landscape plans.