Goldsmiths’ fair 2015 – silverware design

Last weekend was two final days of Goldsmiths’ fair, full of jewellery and silverware designers. It was really hard to choose the very best pieces to our photo report. Still we decided to show you some of very best works presented during the part to of Goldsmiths’ fair. Fred Rich Brown Trout beakers – a mirrored pair.

International Jewellery London 2015 – part 1

So glad to be here in Kensington Olimpia in this sunny, beautiful day. Perfectly pink roses and white piano welcome every gust of International Jewellery London 2015. This promising beginning carry on while watching exhibition of jewellery brands from all over the world. We tried to visit every corner of IJL trade show looking for

New trends on International Jewellery London 2015

Next Sunday in London will become the capital of jewellery due to jewellery trade show International Jewellery London 2015. There are waiting for us more than 1,7K exhibitors, catwalks, seminars and celebration of 60th Diamond Jubilee Edition of IJL. We are mainly interested in new trends in jewelry industry and new interesting brands willing to

Eco interior design

Green trend in interior architecture previously meant mainly using natural resources for interior design. Recently the “normal eco” turned into a sustainable interior design, where care for the health and well-being of the inhabitants is a priority. See 6 principles of healthy interior: Plants instead of decorating Choose organic and natural materials Furniture made ​​of real

Burberry Trench Watch

The Burberry watch collection fuses heritage and tradition with innovative British design. Handcrafted from precious materials, such as 18 K solid gold or 165 diamonds that one of them has on its dial watch made Trench Watch unique. The range features three distinctive styles, The Britain, The City and The Utilitarian. Autumn/Winter 2013 launches The

Fashion iPhone & Smartphone Cases

Today we decided to do some review of the most fashionable ‘clothes’ for our mobile phones. Let’s see what your iPhone, Samsung or Blackberry should wear this season?  Luxurious leather >> Black&Gold by Linda Farrow case <<                                    

Invite celebrities to your home

Marilyn Monroe , James Dean and Michael Jackson are just some of the characters from cinema, music and showbiz world. Their live stories still inspire generations of fans, movies with them and theirs music does not lose popularity and style, they have still many followers . Those addicted to cinema, cult films, music stars, idols

Samsung NX 1000, great companion while holiday and events

Almost 15 days with Samsung NX 1000 give us great view on this camera. We can say that this is professional camera for ‘not so professional photographers’. Touched us modern design and its weight, not as heavy as standard SLR camera, even with the telephoto zoom. More for Samsung NX 1000 Quality of photos is

Gold BlackBerry P9981

BlackBerry fans can’t wait this June, the new BlackBerry P9981, plated 24-carat gold will be launched next month. Porsche Design limited edition is engraved with its serial number on a solid gold plaque on its rear. What is inside the gold phone case? Underneath the gold and stainless steel is a BlackBerry Bold 9900 with a 1.2GHz processor and 8GB

Cup of tea with Mum

What is really matter that day, is the time you can spend with your Mum. You can just seat and talk about life or drink with her tasty tea from the porcelain cup. At the evening even more, a glass of fine cognac. All these small activities can make that day special. We are wishing