International Jewellery London 2015 – part 4

In front of us next photo report from International Jewellery London 2015. This time we would like to mention our favorite jewellery brands and the new ones that has made huge impression on us. We are almost sure we missed some of them because we have written about in previous post or we still plan to

International Jewellery London 2015 – part 3

Colors all around us. This is how we could sum up International Jewellery London 2015. Trade show was full of colours, amazing gemstones sparkled with a thousand colors, models on a catwalk presenting jewels in exotic tones. See the best, in our opinion, collections of jewellery in category: ‘ful of color’. Joana Salazar Young Brasilian

International Jewellery London 2015 – part 2

One You can be sure when visiting any jewellery trade show, You will see a lot of jewellery with pearls and diamond in the leading role. Love2Lux will present You most interesting pieces from presented collections during the IJL 2015. ‘Pearls don’t lie on the seashore. If you want one, you must dive for it’ Mirka Janeckova Mirka

International Jewellery London 2015 – part 1

So glad to be here in Kensington Olimpia in this sunny, beautiful day. Perfectly pink roses and white piano welcome every gust of International Jewellery London 2015. This promising beginning carry on while watching exhibition of jewellery brands from all over the world. We tried to visit every corner of IJL trade show looking for

New trends on International Jewellery London 2015

Next Sunday in London will become the capital of jewellery due to jewellery trade show International Jewellery London 2015. There are waiting for us more than 1,7K exhibitors, catwalks, seminars and celebration of 60th Diamond Jubilee Edition of IJL. We are mainly interested in new trends in jewelry industry and new interesting brands willing to

Anja Rubik x Mohito

One of our favorite top model is still as busy as she was few years ago or even more. Anja Rubik is a renaissance woman: a model, fashion designer, music video star and creative director of 25 magazine. After designing her capsule collection for Giuseppe Zanotti, time for polish casual brand Mohito and Anja Rubik at Fashion Week Poland

The FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland could not do without a the place where we could buy clothes from the latest collections of polish and foreign designers. Zalando Poland for the third time opened its concept store, often visited by journalists, stylists and bloggers. Do not run out showbiz celebrities and the most important representatives of

Dawid Tomaszewski with Lithium at Fashion Week Poland

Last Fashion Week belonged to Fashion Week Poland carried out for the 9th time in Łódź. The closing collection was ‘Lithium’ designed by Dawid Tomaszewski. We admire his works from the very beginning for its classic style and timeless beauty. This summer 2014 collection combines soft fabrics with large graphic prints. Rich embroidery, draped over metallic pieces has