Goldsmiths’ fair 2015 – silver and gold

The 33rd edition of Goldsmiths’ Fair, the UK’s premier showcase was full of fine contemporary jewellery and silverware. A majority of jewellery presented during the fair was made from silver, gold or combination of both materials.

  • Amanda Mansell
    Great golden ring with characteristic cutouts. Was chosen as well to advertise the Goldsmiths’ Fair on posters.
  • Serena Fox
    Seaweed set of necklace and earring. Looks intriguing.
  • Milly Swire
    Presented a really great collection, though we loved this stunning bracelet from the very first sight.
  • Graeme McColm
    This 18ct gold and lemon quartz ring has this modern twist and Scottish heritage.
  • Sophie Stamp
    Unique jewellery, mix of industrial and vintage style.
  • Rhona McCallum

Rhone has got tittle of Best New Design Award during the Goldsmiths’ Fair 2015 and we know why. Her works are inspired by great views of Scotland’s dramatic landscape.

  • Jane Macintosh
    Great bracelets with matt effect silver. So stylish.
  • Jeanne Marell
    We love this design Jeanne presents in her collections. Simple and sophisticated.
  • Alan Craxford
    This necklaces forced us to think about the moon.
  • Gun Thor
    Great piece of silver statement necklace. One necklace can make whole look.
  • Jennifer Saker London
    Presenting architecture concept of jewellery with her Farrell bangle.
  • Dagmar Korecki
    Beautiful collection and stunning floral necklace.
  • Hidemi Asano
    Great brooch made from silver.
Goldsmith's fair 2015 London
Goldsmith’s fair 2015 silver & gold