Goldsmiths’ fair 2015 – silverware design

Last weekend was two final days of Goldsmiths’ fair, full of jewellery and silverware designers. It was really hard to choose the very best pieces to our photo report. Still we decided to show you some of very best works presented during the part to of Goldsmiths’ fair.

  • Fred Rich

Brown Trout beakers – a mirrored pair. Made from silver, silver gilt, 18ct gold an enamel with 22 ct gold cloissone.

  • Abigail Brown

‘Aphrodite’ Bowl from britannia silver and gilt inside. This shape draws attention.

  • Ruth Ball

Caddy spoon produced using fine enamelling techniques on silver.

  • Rebecca de Quin

Collection we really enjoyed.

  • Kathryn Hinton

Faceted vase from britannia silver. Kathryn combines traditional silversmithing ideas with digital technology and modern look.

  • Rebecca de Quin

Again with her silver vases with sleeves, are simple and intriguing at the same time.

  • Martin Keane

Sterling Silver really futuristic Carafe with Ebony Ball Foot – is not easy to guess what is for, when you see it for the very best time.


2015 Goldsmith's fair part 1
2015 Goldsmith’s fair


2015 Goldsmith's fair silverware
2015 Goldsmiths’ fair