International Jewellery London 2015 – part 4

In front of us next photo report from International Jewellery London 2015. This time we would like to mention our favorite jewellery brands and the new ones that has made huge impression on us. We are almost sure we missed some of them because we have written about in previous post or we still plan to do it.

Minimalistic design with modern touch

This is one of our favorite trends on jewellery market. Simple forms with direct message, jewellery can say much more then your clothes. This is true! We used to wear jewellery longer then one day, very often we even did not take off rings or earrings during bedtime. Nowadays jewellery is a statement piece of every women values, certainly knows it:

  • Mellisa Curry with her #BYOS jewellery, in our opinion best presented exhibition stand and great minimalistic jewellery.
  • Estella Bartlett, with her light and girly collection will hit the market.
  • Sif Jakobs meet newest trends and stands out from the crowd.
  • Biiju with eye-catching earring collection. Simplicity means more here.
  • Kokkino with fenomenal stand and exciting pieces.

Gold, golden, goldest vs silver.

Jewellery business is mainly all about gold, silver and gems. Gold and silver are two main color of this market. While IJL 2015 we spot on few collections standing out from the crowd:

  • Zolia Jewellery with impressive silver ring with burgund gem.
  • Sarah Jordan and silver collection with fantastic shape bracelets and earrings presented on rocks.
  • Mark Milton joining silver and gold jewellery in 70’s style collection.
  • Julien Riad Sahyoun brings sophisticated collection of white, yellow and rose gold with mother of pearl jewellery stright from Monaco.
  • Arctic Circle and Sarah Jordan cooperation bring coll and icy Northern Lights collection.
  • Fope – italian classic chic bracelets and necklases have stolen our hearth.
  • V jewellery and vintage style jewellry with stunning details and beautiful exhibition.
  • Gold Neilson pieces are individually handcrafted by Andrew Gold Neilson. Wow effect jewellery and stunning jewellery packaging!
  • Vamp and its Masquerade Collection with lovely presentation.
  • Shaun Leane presented modern pieces packed with new trends.
  • Openjart present collection of ‘unusuals’ on red barrels and this is why we love it.

Incredible ideas hidden in jewellery.

We love Numerati collection from Sarah Ho from the very first sight. This rings present nine numbers from 1 to 9 (You can easily see it on exposition) thought when you will put the ring on Your lucky number is hidden. We can reveal that our lucky number is 6.

Xtra-star has something xtra for clients couldn’t decide if they prefer to wear double ring or just simple wedding ring. This 2 in 1 idea is so handy!

International Jewellery London 2015 – v4 photo report
International Jewellery London 2015 – part 4 article
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