Martini collaboration with Polish designer

This is the first ever collaboration of the Italian racing team Martini Racing with Polish designer Sabrina Pilewicz. During nearly fifty-year history Martini has repeatedly collaborated with some of the well-known personalities from the world of fashion and art, including Andy Warhol and Dolce & Gabbana duet.

The limited edition is dedicated to the love of adrenaline, speed and competition. The new models: Sassari, Chia, Olbia and Nuoro are a continuation of the “La donna è mobile”collection. The impetus for the creation of this unusual limited edition was a fascination with the idea of ​​race as an integral part of everyday life, where the race against time and competitive spirit have become elements of our nature. However, it is worth saying that not only the purpose of making a race is significant but a unique style and class of participators. According to the philosophy of the Sabrina Pilewicz brand we can not forge about the celebration of everyday life.

All models of the new collection “La donna è mobile” and the cult model from 2014 ASTI clutch, will appear in the flagship shade of red: Martini and Martini Racing, and with details referring to the famous navy-blue-red symbol of Martini Racing, in the form of woven racing belts.

We raise a toast in honor of  this collaboration.

Sabrina Pilewicz and Martini Racing
Sabrina Pilewicz and Martini